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our ethos

our Ethos


Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is processed and transformed into briquette. This EFB briquette, a homogenous product with a greater energy density, is gasified and turned into a sustainable energy source called Product Gas. Anaerobic digestion is utilised to handle biodegradable EFB wastewater produced by fuel treatment plants. This process generates biogas, which is made up of methane and carbon dioxide. Product gas and biogas are fed into gas engines to generate power for captive consumption and export to the local transmission system. Waste items that were previously discarded are now providing money and profit.


Sawdust, shave wood, and offcuts are the most common residues generated during sawing processes in the sawmill sector, yet tree brunches are a common waste from sustainable forest harvesting. Due to their low burning efficiency, these two waste products are now not significantly used and are normally disposed of by burning in open flames or leaving to decay, contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Wood briquettes are an excellent way to convert biological waste into green fuel. The AVI-ICFB1000 produces high-value, energy-dense product gas while totally avoiding the generation of toxic gases and trash. All of this is accomplished while also producing cash and profit from commodities that used to be considered costly waste.