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The specialists at Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd offer technically optimized and cost-effective solutions which go beyond the planning of biomass renewable energy plants with state-of-the-art technology.

The ‘strategic ternary’ of research, technology and practical application is the determining factor for all Augustina Tradelink  projects. Our collaborations with world renown research centre guarantees excellent mentoring and successful realization of new developments and improvisation of existing renewable energy plants . We have achieved impressive successes over the past year

By using AVI-FBG800 biomass gasification technology and individual optimized gas-conditioning systems, the foundation for the generation of ultra clean syngas and its various CO2-neutral synthetic fuels are laid. Our services range from biomass fuel treatment system, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, gasification system for rural applications as low as 10 kWe, large-scale power plants up 50 MWe to various syngas conversion technologies, producing biofuel or hydrogen as well heat or steam as a by-product.

Ways of Working Together

System Supplier

Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd is able to provide the AVI-FBG800 gasification technology on the basis of a system supplier.

Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning (EPCC)

A project more often then not involves systems beyond our manufacturing capacity. Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd can offer a turnkey solution wherein we offer a solution needed for the entire project. Through comprehensive experience, system concepts can be developed, which guarantee a high operational reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance. Professional plant commissioning secures a permanent commercial operation.

Asset Ownership – Renewable Energy Generation

Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd can setup biomass to renewable energy projects on a BOO/BOOT basis. In such an arrangement, Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd sets up, operates and maintains the biomass gasification facility. This allows the customers to focus on their core business, while enjoying the environmental and economical benefits of a renewable energy solution.

Operation & Maintenance Service

Depending on the biomass gasification plant capacity, Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd can offer long term Operation & Maintenance contracts.

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The most versatile machine that is used to grind almost all types of biomass materials. The grinding takes place between the high speed swinging hammers and top / side liners. Once the particle size reduces to that of the perforated / bar type screen at the bottom. It will be discharged through the hopper. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the speed of rotor (hammer), content of serrations on liners, number of hammers and diameter of perforations on the screen.