EFB fuel treatment plant & EFB briquette manufacturing plant

Empty fruit bunch (EFB) is a type of biomass formed during the production process of palm oil. EFB that used to be disposed of as waste has recently been used as fuel as quantities have increased. However, EFB has a high moisture content, which lowers the combustion temperature and reduces energy efficiency.

The fuel treatment plant converts raw EFBs into high value EFB briquette. The high moisture in EFB is mechanically & thermally treated. EFB sludge oil in EFB effluent is separated and recovered for further application. The dried EFB fibres are pressed together under high pressure in a briquetting plant. Lignin in EFB fibres that function as a binder, under high pressure is liberated which then shape the compacted EFB briquette. These EFB briquettes are used for heat and power generation. 

Project Design Highlights

  • Processing of 265,000 metric tonne of raw EFB 
  • Generation of 1000 metric tonne of EFB sludge oil
  • Generation of 15,000 m3 per day biogas

Technical Specifications

  • 2 units of 2-stage roller press, MSRP-25
  • 14 units of briquetting press unit, ABP-60
  • Rotary dryer, RD-12 
  • Material handling system

The most versatile machine that is used to grind almost all types of biomass materials. The grinding takes place between the high speed swinging hammers and top / side liners. Once the particle size reduces to that of the perforated / bar type screen at the bottom. It will be discharged through the hopper. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the speed of rotor (hammer), content of serrations on liners, number of hammers and diameter of perforations on the screen.