Augustina Tradelink supplies two types of conveyors depending on the usage and the feed materials. The Conveyor Equipment are highly durable and are used in various industries including biomass based industries.

Scraper Conveyor

    • Long distance and large amount of delivery
    • Multi-point feeding and multi-point discharge
    • Capable for heavy load starting and equipped with anti-blocking, anti-chain-scission
    • Suitable for delivering powdery, granular andblock materials

Belt Conveyor

    • Medium distance of delivery
    • It is leak-proof and low running noise
    • High-strength PVC conveyor belt and material baffler provided
    • Conveyor made of PVC baffle skirt belt with integrated box
    • Suitable for delivering powdery, granular

The most versatile machine that is used to grind almost all types of biomass materials. The grinding takes place between the high speed swinging hammers and top / side liners. Once the particle size reduces to that of the perforated / bar type screen at the bottom. It will be discharged through the hopper. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the speed of rotor (hammer), content of serrations on liners, number of hammers and diameter of perforations on the screen.