Woodchips: 2MWe, Thailand

The woodchips gasification power plant in Thailand

Woodchips of plantation-grown acacia are an ideal fuel to be used in gasifer for a high quality production of energy-dense product gas to be fed into gas engine for electricty generation. 

Project Design Highlights

  • Conversion of woodchips to product gas 
  • Generation of power for grid connection

Technical Specifications

  • 2 units of Biomass Gasifier & 3 units of Gas Engine
  • Plant consumes 60 tonne/day of woodchips to generate:

⊕ 2,987 Nm³/hr of Product Gas
⊕ 2 MWe power

The most versatile machine that is used to grind almost all types of biomass materials. The grinding takes place between the high speed swinging hammers and top / side liners. Once the particle size reduces to that of the perforated / bar type screen at the bottom. It will be discharged through the hopper. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the speed of rotor (hammer), content of serrations on liners, number of hammers and diameter of perforations on the screen.