AVI-ICFB1000 gasification

AVI-ICFB1000 gasification system uses steam and oxygen to make waste material undergo chemical decomposition at the molecular level. Organic compounds turn into an energy-dense called product gas. Organic waste undergoes complete reformation into high value products without combustion. There are no toxic secondary by-products and no emissions. Main key advantages include:

⊕ feedstock flexibility
⊕ simple and low maintenance design
⊕ operating temperature up to 950ºC
⊕ flexible to produce multiple end products

The 19 tonne per day AVI-ICFB1000 will consist of several equipment isles, each designed to be transported separately and assembled onsite. The complete system will have maximum height of 6 meter and requires a quarter acre of land.

  • Modular
  • ¼ acre
  • Option for multiple systems
  • End to end system
  • Commercially-proven technology
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewable energy generation and reduction in use of fossil fuels
  • Use for community, utility, industrial complex
  • Stringent International Standards for Environmental Performance including the EU Directive

AVI-ICFB1000 Applications

Based on 1000 tonne biomass per hour

The system can be configured to produce several end products namely heat, electricity and hydrogen. The total yield depends on the type of feedstock used and its composition as well as moisture content.

The product yield table is based on 24 hours operation of different feedstocks at a 20% moisture level.

System Components


Power generated if all ASEAN 500 million tonnes biomass is gasified by AVI-ICFB1000 technology


ASEAN power supply from renewable energy

How an AVI-ICFB1000 gasifier works​

AVI-ICFB1000 gasification leaves no organic waste behind

AVI-ICFB1000 gasification produces high value products

Green Electricity

Product gas can be used to power generator sets and gas turbines. The clean product gas results in electricity being produced with lower specific emissions than even natural gas.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is created using water gas shift and pressure swing adsorption separation, and is suitable both for injection into a pipeline or for use in a hydrogen fuel cell.


The Fischer-Tropsch process creates sulfur-free and aromatic-free renewable diesel that is cleaner than ultra-low sulfur diesel standards.

Green Chemistry

Ammonia produced from syngas using the Haber-Bosch process can be used as the primary ingredient in chemical fertilizers.

System Scenarios

Green Hydrogen in Power, Gas,
Transportation and Industry Sector!

Discover how AVI-ICFB1000 replaces fossil fuel hydrogen – the missing link for a sustainable energy system!

Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future. While already in use majorly in the present, it will further revolutionize the transportation industry and solve the problem of energy storage.

Hydrogen has favourable characteristics due to the fact that its use emits no carbon dioxide because it contains no carbon. It can be used as an energy carrier to store, carry, and in effect use renewable energy, due to its storability, portability and flexibility.

When Hydrogen is combined with freely available oxygen, energy is released in fuel cells. No greenhouse gasses or other particulates are produced by the use of hydrogen fuel cells.

The AVI gasification system makes the production of green Hydrogen from biomass waste possible. This is not only good for the environment, but also highly feasible:

Income Breakdown

  • Hydrogen industrial sales price: $2.50/kg
  • Hydrogen Sales: $1,250,000
  • Carbon Credits: $40,000

Daily H2 Output
1500 kg/day

Annual Operating Income

Annual Opex Cost

Payback Period
4.7 years

Don’t Let Natural Gas Prices Burn Your Company!

Discover how AVI-ICFB1000 replaces natural gas and keeps your energy bills to a minimum

Process heating is used for a diverse range of activities including distillation, evaporation, drying, extraction, curing, heat treating, melting and providing the heat for endothermic chemical reactions. The diverse nature of these activities means they are used throughout a wide range of industrial sectors, from laundries and food production to chemicals and foundries.

With our AVI-ICFB1000 Technology it is possible to produce high quality energy gas from biomass. This gas, called Product Gas, is able to replace the fossil fuel based natural gas completely.

The AVI-ICFB1000 Technology can counteract the rising gas prices and make you your own, independent green natural gas substitute, Product Gas. This gas can be used to generate heat or steam for industry process requirements.

Income Breakdown

  • Natural Gas industrial sales price: $8.16/mmBTU
  • Cost of gas production from AVI-ICFB1000: $5.26/mmBTU

Daily Producer Gas Output
209 mmBTU/dayday

Annual Cost of buying equivalent Natural Gas

Annual Cost of producing Green Natural Gas with AVI-ICFB1000

Payback Period
3.9 years

The most versatile machine that is used to grind almost all types of biomass materials. The grinding takes place between the high speed swinging hammers and top / side liners. Once the particle size reduces to that of the perforated / bar type screen at the bottom. It will be discharged through the hopper. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the speed of rotor (hammer), content of serrations on liners, number of hammers and diameter of perforations on the screen.